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  Update on the Author and Book 2 Author Stuff: Realistically, there's not exactly a flood of people coming here to get updates, but nevertheless, I figured I'd finally drop in and give a quick update. It's more for my own peace of mind, anyway. So, since my last post in August of 2021, to say I have been through some shit would be putting it mildly. To make a very long story very short, after a lengthy battery of diagnostics to rule out other things, I was diagnosed with ALS. For those unfamiliar, ALS (short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) used to be called Lou Gehrig's Disease. To save you having to look it up, the essentials are this: It causes your nerve cells to die, which, in turn, causes your brain to lose connection to your muscles. That lack of communication makes your brain think the muscles aren't there anymore. That severed connection causes the muscles in question to begin to atrophy, ultimately resulting in loss of muscle tone and eventual paralysis

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