Update on the Author and Book 2

Author Stuff:

Realistically, there's not exactly a flood of people coming here to get updates, but nevertheless, I figured I'd finally drop in and give a quick update. It's more for my own peace of mind, anyway.

So, since my last post in August of 2021, to say I have been through some shit would be putting it mildly. To make a very long story very short, after a lengthy battery of diagnostics to rule out other things, I was diagnosed with ALS.

For those unfamiliar, ALS (short for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) used to be called Lou Gehrig's Disease. To save you having to look it up, the essentials are this: It causes your nerve cells to die, which, in turn, causes your brain to lose connection to your muscles. That lack of communication makes your brain think the muscles aren't there anymore. That severed connection causes the muscles in question to begin to atrophy, ultimately resulting in loss of muscle tone and eventual paralysis (in the worst-case scenario).

There is no cure for ALS, and the typical life expectancy of someone diagnosed with it is 3-5 years.

As fate would have it, I appear to have a slower-progressing version of the disease. This is something I am thankful for daily, even though my Neurologist tells me I need to be prepared for things to suddenly change whenever the hell the disease feels like it.

As terrifying as all that is, being a husband and a father of three, I have come to accept things as they are. After all, there are no guarantees in anyone's life, right? As I have seen firsthand from the semi-recent sudden death of a friend to a massive brain aneurysm, darkness can visit your doorstep at any time and without giving notice.

As you can imagine, my new full-time job became the CEO of 'How Not To Die, LLC.' 

So far, with a lot of support, a ton of research, a pile of drugs, and a bit of luck, I am successfully slowing down the progression of symptoms as much as possible.

Now that my mental state has settled into this new-found groove, I have finally allowed myself to start thinking about my stories again. Well, it's more like my characters refused to continue to be ignored and began forcefully pushing themselves into my thoughts! It never ceases to amaze how these people you dream up begin to take on a life of their own.

Book Two Stuff:

As of right now, I have about 29 Chapters of book two pretty much completed. I have been looking for inspiration to get back in there and finish up the whole epic story of The Last Nephilim. The entire story, all the way through the end of Book Three, is outlined and timelined, so it's all up there in my head, waiting to be set free on the page.

I'm currently re-reading Book One and going over everything I already have of Book Two in the hopes it will ignite that spark again and get me writing. It was really hard to set things aside when my medical issues began, but such is life.

I have to get it all out of me for my own sanity, and before, well...you get it.


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